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Nahla Odili

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Nahla Odili

Post by Nahla Odili on Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:53 pm

Full Name: Nahla Diya Odili.
Meaning: Nahla: Arabic for drink of water, African for leader.
Diya: Arabic for shining.
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Straight.
Real Age: 26.
Birthday: March 29th.
Birthplace: Tehran, Iran.
Infancy[0-2]: Born in the human realm to both wealthy genie parents, she grew up knowing what she was and knowing to keep it a secret. From the support of a loving home she learned how to control her powers at a young age, helping her only to become stronger in her later life.
Childhood[3-12]: Nahla has severe separation anxiety as a child and was held back a year due to starting her first year later than other children. She quickly caught up and learned from a young age that there can be good in everyone, and strives to bring out the gentle side in people. She knows there is evil in everyone but refuses to believe that's all people are.
Adolescence[13-17]: After the awkward puberty years she grew into a fine woman. Throughout high school she was a social butterfly, and had her fair share of romances and flings. Nahla grew up on the better side of things, and is ignorant in a way she has never seen true "human nature". She thinks everyone can get somewhere with hard work, and time. Throughout high school she remained an A average and received hefty scholarships for the best universities in Asia and Europe.
Adulthood[18-present]: After graduating she traveled through Asia and Europe for a year, stopping to earn a bachelors in marine biology on the way. During university she started dating a man who soon became her fiance at the age of 21. After being engaged for a year, she found him in bed with another woman. Besides that breakup, Nahla has truly never had to pass any conflict to get something she wanted.
Species: Genie.
Ethnicity: Arabic.
Facial Type: Oval.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown.
Hairstyle: Long, straight.
Skin Tone: Olive.
Body Type: Mesomorph.
Height: 5,6ft.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Languages: Arabic, English, Persian.
Accent: Iranian middle-eastern.
Voice: Deep and raspy.
Accessories: A brown hijab.
Tattoos: None.
Trinkets: Left nose ring, multiple earings on each ear.
Interests: Diving, reading, fashion.
Phobias: Fire, crowds.
Addictions: None.
Mental Disorders: None.
Habits and Mannerisms: Fixing hair, playing with hands.
Expressiveness: Loves people, can see the good in everyone. Wants to be friends with everyone.
Mother: Jaleh Odili.
Father: Rahim Odili.
Friends: TBD.
Enemies: TBD.
Pets/Familiars: None at the moment.
Lovers: 4, all from long-lasting relationships.
Marital Status: Single, engaged once.
Education: University graduate.
Grade: A average.
Social Stereotype: Book-worm, social butterfly.
Intelligence: Visual and auditory.
Extracurricular Activities: Book club, yearbook committee.
Religion: Muslim.
Morals: Center right. Right-liberalism.
Crime Record: None.
Philosophy: You make your future.
Desires: To work in the criminal justice field, to help others find good.
Secrets: None.
Worries: Being to old to start a family, putting her career first.
Best Memories: Backpacking through Europe and Asia.
Worst Memories: Breaking up with her fiance.
Skills: Diving, painting, writing.
Sense of Humor: Childish, light humor.
Soft Spot: Children, environmental issues.
Powers/Abilities: Water manipulation, can summon things and the will of others, but never her own.
Favorite Colors: Brown, green.
Favorite Animals: Dogs, cows.
Favorite Movies: Any romantic-comedy.
Favorite Music: Latin.
Nahla Odili

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