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*WIP* Cera Lorraine Heart

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*WIP* Cera Lorraine Heart

Post by Cera Lorraine Heart on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:50 am


Full name: Cera Lorraine Heart.
Pronunciation: Sarah.
Nickname(s) or Alias: Lori, Princess of Hearts.
Gender: Female.
Species/Race: Dealers.
Age: 22.
Birthday: April 2, 1993.
Place of birth: Crims, Underland.
Currently lives: Palace of the Queen of Hearts, Crims.
Native language: Underland, English.
Languages spoken: English, Wonderland, Underland, some Riddlish.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: Single.


Height: 5'4''.
Weight: 110lb.
Hair colour: Red.
Hairstyle: Wavy or straight.
Eye colour: Hazel.
Tattoos: On right wrist:

Piercings: Standard earlobe
Scars/distinguishing marks: Heart shaped birthmark on inner left ankle.
Preferred style of clothing: Flaunted and Flashy outfits.
Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Tiara, Strap on left wrist holding a deck of 54 cards.


Personality: Cera very well knows she was born to rule Wonderland. After Alice overthrew her grandmother, though, her birthright has yet to see the light of day, and her mother merely oversees the Underland. She knows exactly what she wants, and very rarely takes no for an answer.
Likes: Games and Rules.
Dislikes: Rule breakers, chaos.
Fears/phobias: White Roses - they're bad luck, you know.
Favourite colour: Blood red.
Hobbies: Croquet, attending beheadings.
Taste in music: Classical, Wonderlandish.


Talents/skills: Very good in gambling and games.
Ability to drive a car? Other vehicles? What in Wonderland is a car? I am very skilled in equestrian transportation, though.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Vegetarian: Omnivore
Favourite food(s): Wonderland Mushrooms and tea cakes!
Favourite drink(s): Tea, and Red wine. (Of course it's just wine.)
Disliked food(s): .
Disliked drink(s): .


Describe the character's house/home: The Hearts Palace, haven't you seen it?
Do they share their home with anyone? Who? Mother, siblings, of course. The Staff as well.
Significant/special belongings: Deck of Cards passed down through the bloodline, Princess of Hearts tiara.


Level of education: Homeschooled
Current job title and description: The Princess of Hearts
Qualifications: Birthright
Name of employer: Queen of Hearts, AKA Mom?


Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: Agressive.
Fighting skills/techniques: Not inclined to use hand-to-hand combat.
Special skills/magical powers/etc: Power of the Cards.
Weapon of choice (if any): The Queen of Heart's deck of Cards.
Weaknesses in combat: It takes time to shuffle and find the right Card.
Strengths in combat: Each Card holds a different ability. 54 Cards in total.


Parents names:. Marguax Amelia Heart; Harkin Boris Heart.
Are parents alive?: Alive; Deceased.
Is the character still in contact with their parents?: Yes; No.
Siblings? 2
Relationship with siblings? Close, but distant.
Other Important Relatives: Grandmother, the Queen of Hearts during Alice's visit.
Partner/Spouse: None.
Children: None.
Best Friend: TBD.
Other Important Friends: TBD.
Acquaintances: TBD.
Pets: TBD.
Enemies? Why are they enemies? Alice - Overthrew the Queen of Hearts.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10):.
Describe their  teenage years (11 - 19):.
Describe their  adult years (20+):.
Cera Lorraine Heart

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