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Cloud of Astora

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Cloud of Astora

Post by Cloud on Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:45 am



I am the sculpture, the architect.



When all hands were stained in blood, underneath rain and thunder, when the souls were collected, underneath smoke and lightning; my life had purpose. I was but a young man, with a weak heart and a dull mind. A beautiful naked woman had approached me. She walked unaffected by her surroundings. She walked, through the filthy air. Completely unaffected she walked among the living and the dead. A battle raged on and I was defeated, and in my dying breath she said to me "Do you fear death?" She asked me, and as I lay dying, so startled and afraid I had noticed that time had stopped all around us. She came closer and said "A great power sleeps within you. You have not a name yet. But you shall. You are dead. You have the ambition but lack the thirst for killing. You have the potential but lack the strength to slay your enemies. Abandon the kindness in your heart, and take up the name Cloud,"


I am madness, I am darkness.


As I peered into her eyes I felt a warmth overcome me. It started from my stomach and consumed me. "Cloud, with this power you will seize the crown. You will rule the world as the king of kings." I hadn't the need to argue, for in my heart I had known this all along. She bent over, and with a kiss she faded away. I immediately sprang back to life, full of vigor and greatly improved vitality. My strength was greater than any other, my endurance--endless. My dexterity had improved tremendously, for with a sword I could counter and riposte masterfully against all my opponents on the battlefield. After witnessing their brothers die to a god of war on the field, the men fled in fear. Abandoning their king and leaving him open, I challenged him to single combat.


I am the storm that weathers the land.


The king had been royally trained, yet I found him predictable. I could foresee what he would do next before it would happen. The blacksmith that crafted his armor and weapons were skillfully prepared. It mattered not, for with little effort I managed to dodge his final swing and drive my cold wet blade into his spine. The king stumbled into a nearby river, filling the clear water with blood. I now had royal blood on my hands, and having defeated the king I was graced with great honor. My own king died that night, and in his deathbed he made me the new king. Everything had been arranged masterfully. My destiny was coming to fruition. Power was no longer foreign to me, nor was the taste of blood.
But that was but a millennium ago.



All hail, Cloud, the king of Astora!

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