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What a Pitiful Planet

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What a Pitiful Planet

Post by Lexandra on Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:35 pm

Holland, Netherlands, Europe

The wind seemed so careful as it danced through tulips. For every single tulip you saw, there seemed to be thousand of identical ones surrounding it. The tulip were rowed up in front of a rustic brick wind mill that sailed in circles slowly through the air...Cutting into the very air that the tulips craved for survival. The ponds, strategically placed ever so carefully next to these plantations in order to quench the waters thirst when rain was of abundance...or when rain was rare at all. It was this lands circle of life, is was the true beauty of this land...It was Holland.

With feet planted firmly in the dirt, Lex looked around, her eyes filled with electric current of sorts. As of now, Lex looked like your average woman, standing at 5'5" with a slim figure. Nothing seemed all that unusual at all from the eyes view...But this was vessel, a way to maintain a composure to something incredible...something you could bare to see with your own eyes without certain death.. This humanoid is the vessel to the Arch Angel Raphael. The Arch Angel of tradition, and healing...but also the Arch Angel who is willing to destroy everything to maintain what is adored by Raphael...tradition.

Lex stood there watching as the bloomed tulips banged their petals against one another in the wind. It would look as though the woman was admiring the flowers, and for a short period, Lex was...That was until a man approached. Though he spoke in a different tongue, Lex heard it all the same....All the languages quickly would translate with ease.

"You don't belong here! Move out! This is private property. Leave soon or I will have your ass arrested!"

Despite the mans threat, Lex seemed motionless. The facial features unchanging despite the situation that was unraveling before the flowers that once brought peace to this beautiful scene. Looking towards the man, and with features still unchanging...everything seemed to stand still. Within the seconds, without any motion needed it seemed the man body combusted. The mans blood staining the once pure flowers, and chunks of flesh flinging across the air. Most flowers within the area of impact fall limp from the weight that the mans bones and organs pressed against them...The air fell quiet again as Lex directed their eyes back to the windmill. "Such Disrespect...Such foolishness..."

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