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A Shattered City with Hopeful Dreams

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A Shattered City with Hopeful Dreams

Post by Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos on Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:52 am

Las Vegas was a fast trip, after all Addy only needed a some quick info from various brookers there. Addy felt like she should return to the group...But something Rion had said something that brought Addy back to this island. Kyson...Looking down, at the ground, Addy took a couple seconds before looking around the now abandoned town. She wasn't supposed to miss someone so much...she wasn't supposed to meet anyone. It was what a Trickster was...it wasn't what they were supposed to capable of. Feelings. Narrowing her eyes, Addy's eyes shifted in color.

The town center, where the fountain was located had blood stained walls, buildings were abandoned..It was a ghost town, it was the beginning of their down fall...

Raising her hand up, the fountain began vibrating with light. The water firing up with vibrant colors...the buildings rebuilding themselves, the flowers stretching from the soil below to finally be able to receive the sweet warmth of the sun. The city looked like it once had, like it was when it was thriving with life. Looking around, everything seemed perfect...except still...something was missing. Frowning faintly, Addy carefully ran her fingers through the water that laid remaining in the fountain. It was beautiful...but it was an illusion...A beautiful..illusion..
Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos

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Re: A Shattered City with Hopeful Dreams

Post by Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos on Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:26 am

There was so much she missed from a place that was once taken for granted. The smiles of the people, the smell of fresh made pastries...The children playing tag up and down the streets. These were children like any other...yes they had minor things that made them different...but it was't something that meant death...They were just special. Once a land of hopes and dreams...now a waste land owned by the greed and fear of others.

But this illusion of hers was quickly shattered as she her rustling going on in a house that should have been abandoned. With the illusion dissolved, Addy disappeared into the air, reappearing behind a nearby tree. All the leave had fallen, signifying the lack of life on the island, but it was still standing tall, making it a decent place to hide. Over the last several years, Addy had gotten herself in a little bit of trouble. Well, trouble of sorts. While working the under ground units in Vegas to sort information, Addy had come across a few individuals...She quickly made ties for good reason. They were some of the few who could be held responsible for the hunting's taking place. Getting close to the group, Addy was soon capable of entering the facilities and learning what exactly they had planned...This was of course because they didn't know of what she was. Things began spiraling out of control when she learned what they were doing with those they didn't kill.

Needles, Blades, Shock therapy...It all could happen in a single day...See the limit they could withstand...try to find way to control the individual to manipulate their ability....Being used for the humans own benefit. These weren't humans who were scared, they were humans who were greedy and jealous... Like a child, they wanted the next best toy...Military weapons...that's what they were...Addy had to desert the location of testing when they began swab testing. There had been an attack on a different location due to a "monster" working from the inside...This caused the company to go on high alert and begin swab testing all employee's and those who would enter. Some hunters, who barely checked in with base could get away with being tested, but most would almost certainly get caught...

Addy watched as some hunters began tearing through the building that once held so much life. They began throwing furniture out the door, and they seemed to be dragging something out behind them...but Addy couldn't tell what it was. Something wasn't right...Something was wrong...Crouching down, Addy carefully crawled to a closer tree to get a better look. And that is when she was struck with horror...It was a child...A small child..It no longer was moving except for when they drug the body from the building an threw it down..

Narrowing her eyes, Addy phased behind one of the hunters, pulling out a dagger she had kept handy in a case just like this. Stabbing this dagger in the back of the hunters neck, Addy push the blade completely through before kicking the body forward. Blood spilled through the air as she quickly turned to catch the hand of another hunter who had come at her. Twisting the hand, Addy quickly maneuvered her body to twist the hunter in front of her, having him in a chicken wing like position. As another hunter came running at her, she quickly turned allowing the hunter to accidentally stab his fellow comrade instead of her. Kicking the dying man to the ground in front of her, Addy looked at the final three hunters. Her eyes turning completely white, he frowned softly and lifted her hands. In the eyes of the hunters...the were suddenly under water...trying to hold their breath or swim away...but there was no where to go...their legs were tied to all the people they had slaughtered on this island...they would be weighed down for their murders...Slowly...they were drowning...dying. It only took minutes for each of their bodies to collapse to the ground and for the illusion to dissolve.

And after that, Addy too fell her to her knee. All she could do was stare at the child's lifeless corpse as she imagined what could have been...What she could done to save this life...But there was nothing...The child was gone.
Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos

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