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Clarissa Meridian Earl

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Clarissa Meridian Earl

Post by Clarissa Meridian Earl on Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:21 pm


Full name: Clarissa Meridian Earl
Nickname(s) or Alias: Claire, Meridian
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Adapter
Age: 22
Birthday: May 7
Place of birth: Meridian, Texas.
Currently lives: Immortals Island
Native language: English
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single


Height: 5'7''
Weight: 130
Hair colour: Blonde
Hairstyle: Curly, wavy
Eye colour: Blue
Preferred style of clothing: Form fitting, easier to adapt with


Personality: Ensures the job that needs done, gets done.
Likes: Taking charge and fixing a bad situation.
Dislikes: Bad situations.
Fears/phobias: Water and Fire.
Hobbies: Sneaking off to practice abilities.
Talents/skills: Acting, faking. It goes along with adapting pretty well.


Level of education: High School Degree.
Current job title and description: [Fake] Hunter - Hunt the supernaturals and take them down.
Qualifications: Faked.
Name of employer: Unknown.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: Passive aggressive. Abilities fight back for her.
Fighting skills/techniques: Adapting against attacks, using adaptations against enemy.
Special skills/magical powers/etc: Adapting.
Weapon of choice (if any): Basic Hunter weapons, though typically unused.
Weaknesses in combat: Not all defense adaptations are useful.
Strengths in combat: It's difficult to injure her.


Parents names: J. Earl and M. Earl
Are parents alive?: Unknown
Is the character still in contact with their parents?: No
Siblings? No
Partner/Spouse: None.
Children: None.
Best Friend: None.
Other Important Friends: None.
Acquaintances: Other Hunters.
Pets: None.
Enemies? Why are they enemies? Hunters, for killing her kind.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Clarissa led a pretty normal life, raised by two supernatural parents who taught her how to use and hide her abilities as necessary. Born to a water and fire elementalist couple, it was only obvious the two opposites balanced in her blood to give her the DNA for adapting.
Describe their  teenage years (11 - 19): After the supernaturals were outed to the world during a strange eclipse, Claire's parents began to stay at home more, but continued her basic human education in public school. Clarissa had a desire for more, and began to research all she could about her supernatural "relatives." She discovered many articles about the Promise Island, as a refuge for those like her. One article, however, spoke for only a moment about another island - an island known for The Immortals. Once she graduated highschool, Claire tried to do more research on the subject, but there was actually very little known about the Immortals at all in the online world. She decided to go with another approach, and sought out the enemies of her kind - Hunters.
Describe their  adult years (20+): Once Clarissa joined the Hunters, there was a lot more about the Immortals than she'd known, but still not much. After several months she got her wish - being relocated to the Immortals Island base they'd created. Three years later, she continues to work as a hunter, hoping any of the Immortals may return and take their home back. And her hopes are finally being granted.

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Clarissa Meridian Earl

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Re: Clarissa Meridian Earl

Post by Clarissa Meridian Earl on Thu Dec 17, 2015 6:35 pm

Done <3

Clarissa Meridian Earl

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