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Post by Aeparia on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:07 pm

Aeparia had decided to wait on updating Rowan, Lucee, and now Reast, on the situation. Instead of looking for the trio, Ape went to the Immortals Library, frowning. It was nothing like she remembered. Papers littered the floor, boxes and files covered more than half of the surfaces, and it looked like the organizational system of the actual books had been mutilated. Aeparia sighed, heading to a table she had favored in the corner. Gently, she placed the boxed Hunter files on the ground one by one, then used her hand to wipe dust from the table. After wiping said dust off on her jean shorts, Ape wrinkled her nose, simultaneously entering the void, and emerging several moments later in somerhing similar to the attire she was accustomed to as an Immortal. She had however, traded off her dress and skirts for something more modern day; black leggings and a longish white top. Of course the outfit was covered by her traditional white cloak, which she removed and draped over her chair before finally taking a seat.

Reaching under the edge of the table, Aeparia felt along for the box shape she knew would be there, and finally smiled again as she removed a dust-laiden book from beneath the table. She blew along the cover, then brushed off the last of the dust to reveal the title, neatly handwritten in golden ink on the darkened leather cover: Imperial Travelers.

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Re: Research.

Post by Aeparia on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:49 pm

It had been nearly four years since Ape had laid eyes on this book, and she had planned to fill it cover to cover once she had returned from her travels. She had just woken up one morning and decided that she wanted to find out, well, more. Of course, leaving the Immortals wasn't as hard as she'd though. So many members had left after Rion and Reast both vanished, out to search for them or to follow their own paths. She couldn't blame them, since she had done the same thing. Aeparia figured the few who remained would be fine on their own, but she didn't account for the fact Hunters would try to take over the island. But hey, they weren't as dumb of an organization as she'd thought.

Shaking her head and focusing back on the hard-cover book, Ape gently pulled the front cover open, listening as the leather sighed and creaked. Of course, she knew what was written there already, in the same familiar hand writing found on the cover. Her name, original race and abilities, and then a line to signal the end of the documentation. Aeparia continued onto the next page, revealing further documentation.

This time, it was the little she actually knew about her new-found race. Death. Change. New abilities: Visions, Void. Another line. It was all so vaguely written, a hasty move on Ape's part as she was rushing to get on her way. She sighed, releasing the pages and letting the book fall closed once more as she took her head in her hands and leaned her elbows on the table. She really hadn't discovered all that much while she was gone, but was determined to continue her personal quest.

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