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Jail Break

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Jail Break

Post by Rion Diamond on Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:47 pm

Rion took in a deep breath, the air here was colder than it was on the island and once he let his breath out it was visable.  Snow was falling and he smiled faintly, even through all of the bad, the beauty of the snow softened the uglyness of the situation.  He let his eyes go to a pale purple and souls began scouting the area to see where guards or cameras were located.  Once all of the information settled in his mind, he transferred all of that information into the diamonds and nodded, "Everyone please refer to the plans.  I placed all of the guard and camera locations throughout the outside of the building in them.  I won't be able to do the inside until im physically in there, so first of all, Re and I will lead the charge.  I'll go in first, then lucee will follow after me.  Re will take the back to make sure Lucee stays safe.  Once im in there, I'll send out more scouts and relay that information back to you all.  It should take five minutes from the second I leave you all.  Take that time to formulate a formation for the second group.  Like Reast said, Nobody gets left behind.  If you decide to leave anyone behind, I promise you that I'll come for you.  And that isn't a threat.  It's a promise.  Family doesn't leave family behind."  

Rion made his way over to the door leading into the building and stepped through the door.  The second the doors opened, souls flew into the building, scouting it out and he walked into the building, "It's time to get my boys back." With that, his eyes went straight to black, all of the calmness of the Spirit Guide pushed aside and all of the darkness of Rion showed.  

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Re: Jail Break

Post by Reast Istoría Vu on Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:08 pm

Rocking back on her heals, Reast took several seconds before carefully brushing Lucee's hair from in front of her face. "Lucee, it's time to wake up." Her voice was gentle as she waited patiently for the young girl to awaken. Once woken up enough, Re helped her to the ground. It was risky, or at least would be for her to use her ablities to heal again, but it was a risk that had to be taken. Kneeling down slightly Re looked Lucee over, she seemed rested which was reassuring of the situation. "You can use your abilities to blind and distract but no healing until we reach Enzo..No matter what." Giving a soft, but reassuring look, Re then stood up and nodded towards Rion.

Re directed Lucee into the facility first before she allowed her eyes to fall to a black shade. She needed all the energy she could use...But she would stay in control for as long as it was needed. Before following behind, Re looked back at those who remained. "Use illusions to trip up the cameras and don't be afraid to enlighten us how...Hunters would work." Smirking faintly, black marks began covering Re's skin, she coming in touch with the darkness. Turning back to the entrace. Re followed carefully behind Rion and Lucee.
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Re: Jail Break

Post by Lucee Carina Sinclair on Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:05 pm

Lucee had enjoyed her deep sleep, the last she remembered was collapsing in Re's arms back at the Immortals camp. However now she found herself almost shivering, but held firmly in Re's arms. She opened her eyes slowly, her heavy lids fighting with the brisk wind that brushed across her face which was partially shielded from the cold by Re's warmer body. Although it had taken her a few moments to awake, when she finally did she felt as though she had slept through the night, however she knew that it hadn't taken them all that long to get here.

She knew exactly where they were, she could feel Kyson and Enzo's light. Enzo's grew dimmer by the second. She found her balance, holding onto Re's arm for a moment while she quickly adjusted. They had to get to Enzo, and fast. She waited for Rion to give his instruction until the moment they simply could not waste an ounce more of time. "Rion, we have to go... now," Lucee spoke firmly, trying not to panic. She would have to stay focused, positive thoughts she told herself. Although she had no plans of using any of her powers at all, she kept her palms open and slightly raised above her waist, just in case.

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Re: Jail Break

Post by Aeparia on Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:12 am

Ape nodded, turning to face the remaining members of the mission. "Alright, So, Er," she tilted her her head to the side for a moment, looking the members of her team over. Four Ex-hunters, a Hunter-Hunter, and two Immortals, about to walk into a high-security Hunter base. Where was the punch line? Oh, right, all of them working together to save another Immortal. "Ian, you're a Tracker right? Can you get us an exact location to Kyson? He's the same as Addy there," Ape nodded her head towards Addy then, who she still didn't quite like, "He's a Trickster."

Putting her hands on her hips now, Ape tried to give an air of authority. Of course, she was aware it probably didn't look too demanding at all. "Now, are any of you Hunters actually trusted?" Ape was attempting to come up with a plan to involve the least amount of destruction. Turning now to smile at Addy, Ape spoke again, "How do you feel about playing possum?"

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Re: Jail Break

Post by The Rolands on Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:24 pm

Ian looked up at the winged girl when she called his name and he nodded, "Yeah, already on it.  Just give me a minute to look over the map Rion traced out in the plans.  From there, I can draw a map up in my head and then project it out for everyone to see and I'll draw a path that we need to take to get to Kyson.  Perks of being a trained Tracker, I've learned to be able to read through the walls and security measures and I'll be able to get around those.  Only thing I can't see through is people.  So, if we run into guards, we will have to deal with them." He let his eyes turn to a deep teal color, matching the color of all Tracker eyes when they're using their powers and he began sketching out a map in his head.  about 3 minutes went by and he look up and let a map project onto a heating duct on the roof.  

Lip smiled at what his brother was doing, it always amazed him how perfectly Ian's maps turned out and how well he and Nikol had always worked together to fight through whatever it was Ian wasn't able to see through, that being the monsters coming to kill them.  He smiled and lit a cigarette and started scanning over the map, "I know I'm not in charge here, but can Nikol and I take up the front?  We work together and probably have more experience working together than the rest of you.  We can listen for guards and lead the way."

Nikol smiled at what Lip was saying and she agreed 100%.  If anyone was to get through the guards and be able to memorize their brothers map, it would be them. the three of them were the perfect team and the group of hunters that got sent on ever S-rank level mission that they were available for before their family became known as traitors.  She looked over the group and put her hand in Lip's and smiled, "We got this if you will all let us lead the way."

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Re: Jail Break

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