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Hunters in Maryland

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Hunters in Maryland

Post by Madi & Mason Hale on Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:02 pm

"Corn-maze"; Baltimore, Maryland; 10:47 pm.

Six feet to the left, a female voice sternly warned, echoing lightly within Mason Hale's head as he stealthily came upon a T-shaped fork in the Corn-maze, if you could even call it that. In actuality, it was a Hay-maze. Just bales of hay stacked about seven-feet up as makeshift walls, surrounded by half-a-foot worth of corn on either side. Surely, the corn just made it harder for kids to cheat by climbing through or on top of the hay. Not to mention, Corn-maze was a more appealing name than Hay-maze. Now five... four... the voice counted down, though stopped at three.

Mason slowly crouched at the mouth of the maze's fork, sliding his hand around his back to release the Silver-knife from it's holster. Three feet around the corner was a Vetala. Mason and his twin sister, Madison, had been hunting a pair of them for nearly a week. One of their sources had reported strange accounts of murder in and around the maze. Teenage victims, who had most likely snuck into the maze for a laugh, were found paralyzed and drained of blood. Of course, the normal humans blamed this on animal attacks. Hunters new better than to believe that sort of nonsense.

The male Hunter turned his head up and to the right, easily catching sight of his sister who remained at the maze's cat-walk. Usually, the walkway was meant for parents to help their children get out of the maze sooner. Though tonight, it's primary use was as the twins` stake-out position. The cat-walk remained useful throughout the night, first helping Madison spot one Vetala at the designated maze exit, and Mason spotting the second at the entrance. The latter was scouted out as the weaker of the two snake-like demons, and didn't disappoint. Mason went alone to stalk her out, easily catching her from behind with a Silver knife to the heart. Instantly, the demon reverted to dust, leaving a mess-free kill that blended nicely with the ground in the maze.

Madison chose to remain above, telepathically sending her brother the directions to travel to sneak up on the stronger Vetala. Their twin telepathy was especially useful in situations like this one, where one of them could scout, and the other, kill. Many of their jobs worked out like that, though sometimes their positions were reversed. They fought together as well, though it was beneficial to have another view on the situation..

Now, Mason! Hurry! Madi shouted within his mind, her voice beginning to strain with fear. Before he had a chance to wonder why, the dirt to his left shifted, and he sprang up from his crouched position. Mason's arm was reeled back, ready to drive the knife into the Vetala's heart, which he thought he did, then barely had time to jump back as the Vetala swung around, jerking the knife from her chest and throwing it aside. Crap. A few inches off, He updated to Madison, but received no reply.

The demon standing across from him crouched, then hissed as if announcing her attack. Madi! Mason urged, reaching over his shoulder to grab a hold of his axe. Though it wasn't made of Silver, it would cause an immense amount of damage to the Vetala. Just as Mason began to pull the axe back over his shoulder, the demon sprung. The Hunter held his ground, blindly jerking the axe around to swing at the Vetala. When he met nothing but thin air, Mason looked in front of him, then down, seeing his twin sister lying atop a fresh pile of dust, a Silver knife gripped in her hand.

"Ahh, crap, Madi! Where did you come from?" Mason questioned his twin, sliding his axe back into place, then putting a hand out to assist her. "Well, see," she began, gladly taking his hand to hoist herself up, "mom and dad did thi--"

"Funny," Mason stated, rolling his eyes at the beginning of her sarcastic answer. Truth was, they didn't know much about their parents except for what their grandmother and uncle had told them over the past 17 years.

"Come on, let's get back to the hotel. I seriously need a shower," Madi began muttering and making disgusted faces as she dusted off her leather vest, covered in dead-Vetala dust. "Then in the morning we need to pack, maybe head further east."

"Yeah, I heard the coast is nice this time of year," Mason replied sarcastically, lightly punching his sister's shoulder as they began to navigate out of the maze.
Madi & Mason Hale

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Re: Hunters in Maryland

Post by Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos on Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:48 pm

Located near the maze was a rather large abandoned barn, here the building had just enough height to almost over-look the entire maze with great ease. Most wouldn't even bother with this old broken down building due to the mold and withered wood that covered the flooring and stairs. But luckily Addy had plenty of connections. With her hands neatly rested upon her lap, Addy watched from afar as the twins began taking on the Vetala. The two of them moved with such accuracy and with such trust in one another that Addy couldn't help but he entertained. The twin were like her personal television from day to day. At this point, the only other thing she could ask for was popcorn. Addy felt as though she really knew these two individuals... Only thing was, they didn't know she even existed.  Addalyn had actually been observing and meddling within the twins life since they were the age of twelve. Always give them the perfect hints of where to go next, what to do next, and where to find the next fight.

Usually she wouldn't get much more involved than that, but recently that had began making things slightly more difficult. They were reaching the age where they were making their own decisions and not really thinking the long term effect of each decision. Addy let out a soft sigh and stood up on the roof of the barn as the twins began seeking their way out of the corn maze.

As she stood up she could hear her joint begin popping softly from under skin. She was getting old...Your body started to let you know that by the age of 2,000. But like a few other creatures, two thousand was still the years where they could be seen to be in their prime. Stretching up towards the open sky, Addy then disappeared from the roof of the barn, reappearing at the exit of the maze. It seemed every once in a while the three would get a chance to play together, but it always turned out that the twins either thought it was all a dream or just allowed themselves to remain confused..

Leaning to her side, Addy waited. Like always around these two, keeping her guard up. But still remaining prepared for the games ahead. Where would their next adventure be? And how would it play out? As they exited the maze, Addy winked at the two, and within seconds it had seemed they were both injected with a sleeping agent... "There's no business, like show business, now let's put on a show" Addy hummed to herself as she caught their bodies and placed them by one another. "What happens in Vegas in Vegas my lovelies.. Stay in Vegas" And within seconds the group then seemed to disappear into the air.
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