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What happens in Vegas..

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What happens in Vegas..

Post by Madi & Mason Hale on Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:14 pm

Mason.. Mason?.. Mason! called Madison to her brother's mind. She'd awoken first, though she didn't remember falling asleep. "Huh? What's up Madi?" Mason replied allowed, now sitting up on the bed he lay on. "Where are we?" He questioned, finally becoming alert.

"Not sure, I woke up just a minute ago," Madison responded, standing at the window and peeking through the curtain. "Lots of lights.. Looks like it could be.." Vegas? She finished, the last word speaking in his mind.

"Vegas? No way!" Mason stood, pulling the curtains wide open to look out along the Strip. They were quite a few floors up, a great view.

"But Mason, how did we get here..?" Madi was always the rational one, and this wasn't a rational situation.
Madi & Mason Hale

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