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Lucee Carina Sinclair

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Lucee Carina Sinclair

Post by Lucee Carina Sinclair on Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:00 am

Full Name: Lucee Carina Sinclair
Meaning: Lucee: Light/Carina:Pure/Sinclair:Bright&Clear
Gender: Female.
Real Age: 7 and 1/2
Appearance: 7 and 1/2
Birthday: October 6th
Birthplace: Notre Dame de Paris

Born into the world to two Décroissant parents, who abandoned her on the steps on the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. She was found by two humble humans who raised her to be very modest and simple, on the lush hills of Paris, France. Her human parents were simple folk, but extremely conservative to the point of medieval views, in their ways of Roman Catholicism. They placed her in art and music teachings at the Cathedral Notre Dame, where she studied throughout the week from the age of 2 until 7. There she learned basic skills in painting as well as piano. Up until the age of 7 she wore an intricate lace patterned mantilla to cover her hair, stockings that covered her legs, and various colored cardigans to cover her shoulders and mid arms, representing utmost modesty and humility. Lucee, not knowing what her origins were, had no knowledge of her powers and never utilized them. At the age of 7 Lucee's human mother went into an unexpected early labor, which ultimately ended her mother's life. Distraught with pain Lucee had run to her mother's side begging for her mothers life in prayer. Unknowing to Lucee, her powers revealed themselves in the form of saving the struggling newborn child from an early death. Her body giving off a slight golden aura, Lucee's father claimed that she was going against God's will by saving the child that was a "demon" growing within her mother that took her life. Her father disgusted by her actions declared her a child of satin and abandoned the 7 year old in the city of Paris to fend for herself. Hardly managing to get by, her saving grace came in the form of Reast Istoria Vu, who quickly recognized the child's powers and potentials, took her under her care.

Species: Ascendant
Ethnicity: French
Facial Type: Heart shaped
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Hairstyle: Soft curls that reach just below her shoulders.
Skin Tone: Light peach
Body Type: Small skinny frame, longer legs.
Height: Just under 4 feet.
Weight: 45 lbs.
Languages: French, English.
Accent: French.
Voice: Childlike, soft and angelic.
Accessories: Small diamond studs, and a delicate golden chain with Lucee on it.

Interests: Playing, Art, Music, anything Disney.
Phobias: Becoming a Décroissant, being alone.
Habits and Mannerisms: Giggling, tilting her head, and constantly smiling.
Expressiveness: Loves making people happy.

Mother: Unknown (Décroissant)
Father: Unknown (Décroissant)
Friends: Mostly everyone.
Enemies: Doesn't really have any.
Pets/Familiars: None at the moment, but would love a bunny.
Lovers: Too young.

Education: Roman Catholic School, specific interest in music and art.

Religion: Roman Catholicism
Morals: Very conservative and innocent.
Crime Record: None.
Philosophy: Life is wonderful.
Desires: To make everyone around her happy, and learn to be able to take care of herself.
Secrets: None at the moment.
Worries: Becoming a Décroissant.
Best Memories: Going to Disney world w/ Addy, Kyson&Ape.
Worst Memories: Her human mother's death&abandonment.
Skills: Painting, drawing, making people smile.
Sense of Humor: Innocent and childish.
Soft Spot: People who are kind or take any interest in her abilities.
Powers/Abilities: Bend/Create light (particularly in the form of fire), Healing, the art of Creation Magic (choice of medium, chalk).

Favorite Colors: Yellow, Silver, Pink, Sparkles
Favorite Animals: Bunnies.
Favorite Movies: Anything Disney related, current favorite Rapunzel.
Favorite Music: Disney soundtracks of course.
Lucee Carina Sinclair

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