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Post by Nya Nýchta Phobos on Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:28 pm

As people grow more comfortable with one another, groups/teams will begin to form. This done in order to take on missions. As your groups begin to form, I will ask you to post them here. The format will be basic enough that only one team mate has to do it. And if a group falls apart of if people switch, you just modify it as it happens.

Groups/Team typically consist of 3-4 People, sometimes 5. Groups are decided by the individuals themselves.

[code]Logo/Image/Picture Inserted Here (This can be a graphics of all the characters in a group or a logo...whatever represents your group)
[b]Group Name:[/b] Name it
[b]Members:[/b] Who does this group consist of?
[b]Specialties:[/b] Any special skills of the group?[/code]
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