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Mitzi Vallis

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Mitzi Vallis

Post by Mitzi Vallis on Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:36 pm

Full Name: Mitzi Foncé Vallis
Meaning: Mitzi: Hebrew meaning small, bitter
Foncé: Literal french translation of "dark".
Vallis: Greek for perfect, Turkish for governor.
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Bisexual.
Real Age: 21
Birthday: October 11th.
Birthplace: Bordeaux, France.
Infancy[0-2]: First born of her parents, born into poverty her father was a factory worker and her mother was a maid for an aristocratic family. Both her parents didn't have any supernatural genes, and it was likely passed down to Mitzi from her mothers side as her mother was adopted and her heritage is unkown. Her sister was born when she was 2.
Childhood[3-12]: At 5 Mitzi began to show strange behaviors, when a little boy her age teased her at school she ran into the halls, climbing up the ceiling. Obviously no one bothered to look there. She stayed there for hours, only coming down when her mother was called to the school and found her. Her mother was loving and caring, and extremely concerned of her daughters queer ability becoming public news. She was home schooled after this. At 10, her mother died in childbirth with Mitzi's brother.
Adolescence[13-17]: Her fathers income was mostly spent on drinking after his wife's death, and not for family matters. At 13 child-services took Mitzi and her siblings. Mitzi was never close to her siblings nor her father and wasn't as devastated as some might have thought a 13 year old being removed from her home might be. She was completely separated from her siblings and after jumping from foster home to foster home she ran away at 15 to find her mothers biological family for answers of her condition. After using the last of her money she had saved up- to her disappointment she found out all her mothers family had been killed under suspicious circumstances involving a plane crash. Also in her investigation she found out she had a claim to a large sum of money left from her mothers biological family and being the eldest child had every right to claim it. She became the youngest millionaire in France at the age of 16, and payed off the government to allow her to be fully emancipated from foster care.
Young Adulthood[18-Current]: At 18 after travelling Europe for two years with no answers to her strange abilities, she bought a large estate in Italy and became a total recluse living in her Victorian mansion. She became obsessed with chameleons, and kept over 20 in her house. She ordered everything to her door, and didn't step foot outside her property until the age of 20, hearing of the Immortals. Spending a year tracking them down, she felt closer to answers than ever.
Species: Veil.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Facial Type: Slender.
Eye Color: Dark brown, almost black.
Hair Color: Black.
Hairstyle: To her chest, wavy.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Body Type: Mesomorph.
Height: 5,9 ft.
Weight: 140 lbs.
Languages: English, French, German, Italian.
Accent: French.
Voice: Soft.
Style: Victorian, gothic.
Accessories: A hat with a veil covering her face, a inherited necklace with a chameleon painted onto the pendant which started her fascination with lizard, miscellaneous trinkets and bracelets.
Tattoos: Numerous lizards cover her forearms, mostly chameleons.
Interests: Lizards, Victorian times, and history.
Phobias: Drowning, crowded rooms.
Addictions: None, but drinks more than the average person.
Mental Disorders: None.
Habits and Mannerisms: Twirling hair with fingers.
Expressiveness: She will answer (most) questions asked, but usually won't go out of her way to express her past.
Mother: Valérie Vallis
Father: Édouard Vallis
Friends: TBD.
Enemies: TBD.
Pets/Familiars: 2 genetically modified chameleons named Marie and Louis. Trying to experiment with camouflage genes she had hired the best scientist to combine mammalian genes with that of a chameleons; nothing came of it besides 2 very dog like lizards.
Lovers: No past lovers.
Education: Home schooled until 13.
Intelligence: Very smart even for her limited education, extremely knowledgeable in history.
Religion: Former Catholic, now agnostic.
Morals: Between right and left wing.
Crime Record: None.
Philosophy: Money doesn't buy happiness.
Political Party: Parti socialiste (France).
Desires: Learning of her mothers biological family.
Worries: Death, old age.
Best Memories: Running away, adopting her lizards.
Worst Memories: Her mother's death.
Skills: Painting, breeding lizards.
Sense of Humor: Dark, satiric.
Soft Spot: Small animals, poor/homeless people.
Powers/Abilities: Climbing walls/ceilings, blending, transparency.
Favorite Colors: Black.
Favorite Animals: Lizards, cats, crows.
Favorite Movies: Old Charlie Chaplin.
Favorite Music: Classical, Latin.
Mitzi Vallis

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