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Andromeda Zaro

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Andromeda Zaro

Post by Andromeda Zaro on Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:31 pm

Full Name: Andromeda Xene Zaro
Meaning: Andromeda: Greek mortal
Xene: Stranger
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Straight.
Real Age: 96
Appearance: 24
Birthday: April 25th
Birthplace: Kissamos, Greece
Childhood[0-2]: Andromeda grew up off the coast of Kassamos, Greece. She was born from one of the original sirens and was quickly abandoned after her birth like most sirens are. Her father was a human, killed shortly after the mating by her mother. Fully grown at 2 years, she was the "ugly duckling". Her human genes made her signifigantly less beautiful than any siren, though still astonishing to the human eye.
Adolescence[2-5]: After being rediculed by the other sirens she decided to travel and map the seas at the age of 3. She didn't like having human genes, they gave her to many "feelings" compared to the other heartless sirens, luring in sailors from afar. Though, this didn't stop her from trying. She killed her first sailor at 3, another two at 5. She never killed any other sailors, it wasn't for her. She didn't want to live like that.
Adulthood[6-current]: After travelling every sea and ocean succesfully at 20, she didn't know what was left to do. The human told her to she wanted to find a love, settle down, reproduce. The siren told her to find sailors, lure them in, and kill them. Conflicted from her state she decided to move onto land. She did the only thing she knew how to do, and prostituted herself learning a great sum of money for her looks. She stopped aging at 24. At 40 people began to question her aging, and moved cities. She fell in love with a young aristrocrat who, despite her looks, actually loved her for her personality. They were married shortly after meeting, and while consemating the marriage the siren in her took over. She woke up the next day to an empty bed, confused she looked for her newly wed. He was drown in the bath, her hand prints around her neck. Terrified of herself, she left and went back to the sea. Slowly going insane from the two voices in her head, she spent the next 54 years in issolation.
Species: Siren/Human
Ethnicity: Greek
Facial Type: Long, oval
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: A silver, white colour.
Hairstyle: Sleek and straight, long.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Body Type: Mesomorph.
Height: 5,10ft.
Weight: 135 lbs.
Languages: Greek, French, English, Spanish, Arabic.
Accent: Middle eastern/Northern African.
Voice: Soft and smooth. Higher pitched.
Accessories: Ear piercings, bangle jewelery.
Visible Tattoos: Born with the siren moon on her feet and white scarification constelations cover her body.
Interests: Biology, chemistry, history.
Phobias: Fire, "uglyness"
Addictions: None.
Mental Disorders: Schizophrenic, depression, BPD.
Habits and Mannerisms: Biting her lips, sometimes to the point of bleeding.
Expressiveness: She really doesn't care about anything.
Mother: Unknown (siren)
Father: Unknown Sailer (human)
Friends: TBD.
Enemies: TBD.
Pets/Familiars: None at the moment.
Lovers: Many sexual partners, one lover (who died).
Marital Status: Widowed, single.
Education: None, self taught.
Religion: Greek Mythology
Morals: Left-wing (doesn't care what others do)
Crime Record: None.
Philosophy: Life sucks.
Political Party: None.
Desires: To be happy, to not be a siren.
Secrets: If she hadn't of killed her husband, she probably would have led a very happy life.
Worries: Becoming insane, killing.
Best Memories: Her wedding night (before killing her husband..)
Worst Memories: Killing her husband.
Skills: Historical facts, chemistry.
Sense of Humor: Witty, punny, weird.
Soft Spot: Sea-life, humans.
Powers/Abilities: Seduction, easy communication with animals (mostly sea-life), slight water manipulation, powerfully strong.
Favorite Colors: Blue, white, gold, silver.
Favorite Animals: Sharks, clownfish.
Favorite Movies: Casablanca, King Kong.
Favorite Music: Latin.
Andromeda Zaro

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