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Enzo Viloria

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Enzo Viloria

Post by Enzo Viloria on Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:20 pm

Name: Enzo Viloria

Age: 23

Species: Sandman

***Enzo had woken up in his New York loft and had sand in his eyes, he wiped it out and yawned and more sand began to swirl around him.  He was unsure as to what was happening, and then, an old man stood in front of him.  He stood about 6 foot tall, and had a long, white beard that blended in with his white hair.  He had glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose and an hourglass that hung around his neck along with a staff that stood about 5 foot tall.  The man gave a weary smile, and began his speech in a shaky voice, "Enzo Viloria, you've been chosen.  You are the next Sandman.  You have been chosen by the Fates and you must begin your training now.  The life that you had thought to of been living is a lie, and it will all change now.  Pack your bags for the journey ahead young man, your new life is about to begin."  Sand once again swirled through the air and then, the man vanished.  

Enzo's young eyes widen as the man talked and he did as the man said, then sat on his bed.  His little legs hung over the side and he scribbled a note to his parents, telling them what had happened, they would never believe him, he was 7 years old, what would they think ? He was stolen and forced to write a letter of complete nonsense.  That's what it would be.  That is what they would think.  Once he finished writing, the sand appeared again, but this time, it surrounded him, he was taken to another land, the Dream Land.  

The Dream land was a place where only things in your wildest dreams were thought to exist, anything you could imagine, it ran through this world.  The man who had come to him had appeared before him once more, this time, with a lighter smile, and he placed a firm hand on his shoulder and spoke once more, "My name is Ritpillio, but you may call me Rip.  I will be looking after you until you've come into control of your powers completely.  and I will be the one to train you."  and with this, Enzo's new life began.

Enzo was biting on the inside of his lip as he typed up his paper, he had been a Sandman, yes, but, that wasn't his only duty, he was also a first year grad student at MIT and was studying to  get his doctorate in archaeology and paleontology. He had always expected it to be hard, but never this hard.  Balancing both a normal, human life, along with the life of a Sandman was something to be proud of, and he did it...well, maybe not perfectly, he had to play with his professors dreams once in a while to get test answers, but, that was besides the point.  He had made it through undergrad school, and he was proud of himself, but this, this was his next step, he would get his masters, and continue through to reach his life time dreams.  He would travel the world, see the dreams of all of dead beings that he dug up, and solve the mysteries of the past.  Sure, books told some things, but experiencing them for real, this was something that could never be passed up.  

As he attempted to write his paper, a bang sounded against his loft window, and he frowned, pushed away from the desk and went over to see what it was.  A note was hanging on the cracked, but, not broken glass. "There is a place were you belong, hurry, your ticket awaits you in Disney land, your time has come to bring the Sandman name back into what it once was, the stories that everyone was told as a children about us, that has become a long lost memory, but now, it is our duty to bring us back into the modern world."

Enzo frowned, his dreams would have to be put on hold.  His Sandman duties had to come first, it was part of the promise that he had made to Rip before he had passed, and it was a promise that he would keep.  He went to his dresser, packed a bag, closed out of his paper after saving it a few hundred times for safe keeping, and booked himself a flight to none other, than the world famous Disney world.
Enzo Viloria

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