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Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos

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Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos

Post by Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:28 am

Full Name: Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos
Meaning: Ataktos: Greek; Chaos
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Depends on Situation
Real Age: 1,049
Appearance: 22
Birthday: September 22
Birthplace: Greece
Childhood[0-2]: to be determined
Adulthood[6-current]: Too lazy right now
Species: Trickster
Ethnicity: Greek
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde, Brown
Hairstyle: Sleek and straight, long.
Skin Tone: Slightly Tan
Height: 5,9ft.
Weight: 119 lbs.
Languages: Greek, French, English, Italian, Latin.
Accent: Greek
Accessories: Ear piercing
Visible Tattoos: Heart Tattoo on wrist
Interests: Trouble, Gambling, Sex, Drinking,
Phobias: Boredom
Addictions: Chaos
Mental Disorders: Alcoholism, Adrenaline Junky
Habits and Mannerisms: Toying with her hair to get it out of her face.
Expressiveness:Carefree life style for the most park
Mother: Unknown (Pandora's Box)
Father: Unknown
Friends: TBD.
Enemies: TBD.
Pets/Familiars: Does a pair of Twins she toys with count?
Marital Status: .
Religion: Greek Mythology
Crime Record: Would have to get caught.
Desires: To put the world in mass chaos
Secrets: TBD
Worries: TBD
Best Memories: TBD
Skills: Gambling,
Sense of Humor: Witty, Playful
Soft Spot: Lucee
Powers/Abilities: Teleporting, Manipulation of Matter, Manipulation of Situations, Illusions
Favorite Colors: Gold, White, and Black
Favorite Animals: Snakes
Favorite Movies: Transformers
Addalyn Cinnia Ataktos

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