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Post by Damon FireDrake on Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:55 pm

Thousands of miles, across vast oceans and sprawling cities, all reduced to mere seconds with the assistance of the shadows. The clean, crisp air flooded the gateway as it stretched opened, seemingly spitting out Damon as he began to step foot out of the portal of shadows that a group of towering birch trees had provided. Damon was back home, yet things looked different. His feet pushed through the dead leaves that filled the ground as his eyes scanned the area around him. A faint breeze flowed through the trees, whispering in his ears as it pushed past his hair, the sun above being a blessing as its warmth seemed to give Damon life.

Just a quarter of a mile away the house laid hidden within the trees almost as if the trees were guarding the abode. As Damon got closer, he could feel his energy slipping away from him yet he assumed it was due to the barrier around the house to mask his energy. As he cleared the ocean of trees and found himself meticulously observing the house to see if it was marked by trespassers.

He let out a sigh of relief as he began walking up the steps of the brick house and opening the front door. Everything was the way he had left it yet as he explored each room, he still felt something within him that was slipping away.

"No matter, I still have work to finish." he muttered, turning down the dark hallway and arriving before a large metallic door. As he swung it open, the door's creaking traveled downstairs where the sounds danced on the walls. Each step down the stairs groaned under his weight almost as if they were welcoming back their owner. The air in the room felt dusty, a clear sign of neglect for being gone for all of those years. There were large, oak tables that laid across the wall to his right, each table containing towers of books, maps, and papers while to his left, large monitors were still left on. On one monitor, a countdown flashed on the screen and said "Eclipse Warning - 00:00:00". It immediately struck Damon. He felt weaker because an eclipse was occurring and, somehow, was altering his ability to use his powers.

"I will be damned if this is to set me back." he said to the screen as he closed the application. He turned to face towards the tables again and, there, as plain as day a massive black book laid opened with its pages neatly filled with words and data. This was the book Damon was searching for, for he knew that without it, his plan would not have been possible. He walked up to the table and began going through the pages of his research notes. He stopped at a particular page that had a picture of the weapon that he spoke of to Elrich. It was still in its conceptual stage and there were details that needed to be figured out before it was even remotely possible.
Damon FireDrake

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