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Lost (Open)

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Lost (Open)

Post by Rowan Sibyl Roi on Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:01 am

One step after the other. That's all Rowan had to remember as she ran past the various different shops located on the street. With her breathing becoming unusually synced with her running pace, Rowan didn't slow down despite the various glares she was getting. As did most, these individuals knew when a child was running down the street it typically wasn't a good sign. A run away, maybe even a thief? Frowning faintly at the thoughts, Rowan kept a tight grip on Chevalier, her teddy bear. She was swinging him by his arm, holding onto him for dear life. She couldn't image what would happen if her grasp would slip and she would drop him.

Rowan had gotten in trouble...Again. But, this time was different...This time Rowan hadn't meant to lose control the way she had. Over the course of a week, Rowan had lost her abilities...and just today they had returned again, but stronger than ever. The electricity crawling from her skin, the voices of animals all around her screaming into her ears, illusions coming in and out of focus all around her...She was in an overloaded state. A deadly state for all Leaches..but especially with one so young and mixed with an Amplifier parents.

Rowan had decided to order ice cream in a little parlor, and by the time she sat down to enjoy her delicious treat..Her powers had returned. At first it had just been the voices of animals everywhere interrupting her own auditory senses...But as the close by police man went to check on her...The electricity started again. Shocking a police officer hadn't been on her Bucket List, but it seemed it had found it's way onto that list. Oddly enough, the officer was convinced that Rowan, a eight year old child, had found a way to taser the officer...

Chevalier. Panic struck over Rowan as she felt her grasp of her dear bear slip from her finger tips. Once she lost contact with her adored bear guardian, Rowan quickly came to a halt and turned around. The officer hadn't been very far away, maybe several feet...There was nothing Rowan could do...There was no way to save her friend without hurting this man...and she wouldn't...She couldn't. Letting out a blood curling scream, Rowan hoped maybe the man would back away...but he didn't. "No, No, No!" Rowan screamed as the tear began trailing down her flushed cheeks. But the man didn't listen, nobody was...Nobody except Chevalier himself.

The once flemsy teddy bear began phasing, shifting into a completely different form...The fur growing out, the claws branching longer...The body expanding past possible limits for the typical teddy bear. It took mere seconds for the once gentle teddy bear to appear in the image of a full grown grizzly. This was Rowans guardian, This was Chevalier. The officer jumped back in obvious shock, carefully placing his hand over the gun a his side and pulling it out. The fear shook through Rowans very core as she watched the man ready the gun....Without thinking, Rowan ran to his side and buried her face within his fur. She wouldn't leave him...she couldn't..And like that, Rowan had teleported Chevalier and herself away from the situation...They weren't sure where they were but it was certainly a forest. The tree's surrounded them, but Rowan hardly even noticed as the tear continued to stream down her face. She didn't want to leave Chevalier's side. Not now. Not ever. Burying her face back into his fur once more, Rowan let out a soft sob. She had never felt more Lost.

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