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The Alcatraz Feeding Frenzy

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The Alcatraz Feeding Frenzy

Post by Rion Diamond on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:20 pm

He had made it, but, it wasn't soon enough, he didn't make it in time before he lost control. Hollow was let loose as soon as he left the Immortals. He couldn't regain control, he was gone at least until Hollow was satisfied. He had made it to New York, and Hollow had unleashed himself on the innocent of the city, he had killed countless people, and rampaged his way through the states, finally, Rion gained control once Hollow had been about halfway through his frenzy, the battle was long, the battle was thought to of been lost, he couldn't allow himself to get this starved again, he had caused too much damage, brought too much attention onto his kind, no, he had brought too much attention to anyone who wasn't considered...Normal.

Finally, he found his way to Alcatraz, he went to the bottom level, once low tide had come and broke through the old wooden door and slammed it shut behind him, seals forming around it and his eyes still pitch black with hunger. He slowly walked, almost dragged himself down the hallway and made a left and walked through the door at the end of it. He growled and bit into his lip, breaking through it, and his fangs came through , and then, through his lip. He reached onto the hook and grabbed a ring of keys and moved aside a rug on the floor and then undid the lock and climbed down even further into the island. He had to hurry, Hollow was breaking free again, and if he lost control here, he would lose all of his saved food.

The door above him closed and again, another seal formed, locking him inside and he jumped down the ladder and then, one final door lay at the end of a short hallway. This was it, Rion had never thought that this day would come. He didn't think that it would ever come to this again, but it had. This had to be done, and it wasn't something he would be proud of, it was something that nobody could ever find out about. He opened the final door and stepped through. A tall, completely white figure stood and a low growl came from the darkness. Instantly, a flash of orange eyes burst into play, and Rion was tackled orange scars were a blur before him and he let Hollow free just as the door behind him closed and sealed, and the island itself went to a black out. The island itself, was a seal, all to keep this other creature locked in here.

Rion's Hollow threw the creature off of him and lights in the room burst into play to reveal what the animal was, and to Hollow's surprise, it was another Hollow, but this one was different, it had a number on its forehead, the number 13. It was the last of the Elite Hollow, and he grinned, and the two battled, and bit into each other, trying to devour each other, who would win, whose hunger would be satisfied. Only time would tell, and so, the Alcatraz Frenzy had began.
Rion Diamond

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Re: The Alcatraz Feeding Frenzy

Post by Rion Diamond on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:31 pm

Once the battle had finally come to a close, Hollow stood, pieces of him missing, and he began to shift.  the long, teal hair began to shorten, the scars began to fade, the whiteness became a tan, and the eyes went from a pitch black abyss to a light grey.  The battle had been fierce, long and bloody.  All that remained of the other Hollow was bones, but Rion's hollow did not come out unscathed, nor did the island, Alcatraz had been sinking, and Rion had to find his way off of this island, while still getting his stored food out safely.  He grimaced and attempted to get to his feet, but he fell instantly, Hollow may have fought, but the energy and the injuries had also fallen upon Rion.  

He sighed and shadows began to surround him and then he let his eyes shift to a darker grey and more shadows surrounded him, then exploded outwards, taking not only himself, but the island as well to the Shadow realm.  He couldn't lose his captures, he couldn't let Hollow go into another Frenzy the way he had recently.  Too many people had died, too many people had seen what was truly out there, and that was something that was frowned upon in the Real World.  

The Shadow realm was different through, once there, his power began coming back to him faster, shadows swirled around him and his eyes went black, but this time, it was Rion who was in control, Hollow was fed, his hungry satisfied and now, he would have to not only save himself, but also, he would have to safe all of the work he had put into locking the other creatures up.

Alcatraz fell into the midst of the Shadow realm, and like the earth shatters, the shadow realm did the same.  A crater of shadows burst into the sky and Alcatraz lay there, crumbling.  Rion grimaced in pain but stood to his feet and held out a hand and from the shadows two swords appeared, Wrath and Fury, the twin blades made of Obsidian, the brother blades of Betrayal, and he set off to secure the island, to secure his meals.  

Once everything was taken care of, his eyes went back to a light grey and shadows overcame him once more and he had fallen, but where was he ?
Rion Diamond

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